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FedEx Shipping Center

FedEx Shipping Center
San Fernando Rd
BLT Enterprise c/o LA - San Fernando Partners LLC
Gen Contractor:
Los Angeles Signal Construction, Inc

FedEx located on San Fernando Rd, one of the busiest streets in the City of Los Angeles, was in need of creating a driveway expansion for their facility, as they did not have any way of making left turns on that location. In order to do that they would need to modify the existing traffic signal infront of the Los Angeles River School and provide a completely new one at their driveway on San Fernando Rd & Division Court.

Our company contracted a driveway subcontractor to demolish the existing driveway and bring a surveyor to locate the new driveway, so that we can provide 2 lanes, one to come in and one to exit. Our company connected the interconnect from the existing intersection & connect to the Los Angeles Dept of Transportation Automated Traffic Surveillance and Control Center, so they can communicate with both intersections. We installed 7 poles at the intersection, providing traffic control for the heavy traffic visible throughout the day.

FedEx Shipping Center
FedEx Shipping 02