Los Angeles Signal

specializing in System loop detectOr installation & Escort of Oversize loads by removing & resetting traffic Signals along route and Street

Los Angeles Signal Construction, Inc provides quality traffic signals and street lighting throughout Southern California. Our Experience includes installing thousand of traffic signals, in-road crosswalk systems, traffic signal system detector loops and street lights.

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Load Escort Company

Our oversize load escort company is capable of escorting the largest possible loads such as the “Levitated Mass,” a 340-ton granite boulder now exhibited at the L.A.C.M.A Museum.

We have highly trained personnel in the field to meet all safety precautions and standards. We are also operational to process and/or assist in the processing and securing of the encroachment permits in all municipal and state agencies.

We can also install or hang your holiday lights and/or banners, call us for more information. We meet and exceed all OSHA safety regulations and continue to stay current with new laws. We are a Union Contractor, are licensed and fully insured.

We have resources to implement multiple large scale projects, as well as small projects simultaneously.

Holiday Lights and Banners